Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Say Goodbye To Baby's Congestion! 👶 With The Baby Nasal Aspirator! 😍

Baby Nasal Aspirator gives the baby a clean nose. It's Good for the baby's nose health, easy to operate. Baby Nasal Aspirator is a smart, safe, and effective solution for helping you're, The snot can be easily from the nose in time. A congested baby sleeps comfortably through the night. Baby Nasal Aspirator could let the baby breathe smoothly.

A “clever” instant relief baby nasal aspirator for infants and kids. The aspirator is very comfortable and easy to hold as the shape of it resembles the shape of a banana.

Electric Baby Nose Suction

Two Suction Cup Sizes: Two sizes for kids of different ages. Soft silicone head is suitable for infants and another is for kids range from 2 to 8 years old.

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Safe, Healthy, and Hygienic: This baby nasal aspirator makes an absolutely HYGIENIC device for the needs of babies and young children. Molded of soft silicone, the material is safe and BPA free, it will feel soft and comfortable and it will not harm your baby’s nasal cavity when used.

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Waterproof and Washable Tips: The WATERPROOF design of the nose aspirator allows for safe rinsing. The silicone tip is easy to remove and clean. Silicone material can be sterilized by hot water or ultraviolet ray light.

Easiest: Cleaning baby's nasal mucus has never been easier, it gives your baby a sound and irritation-free sleep.


- Five gears can be adjusted and selected by one key control, easy and convenient for meeting different needs.

- Food grade silicone suction head and nozzle, soft and skin-friendly that won't hurt your baby.

- Detachable design for cleaning conveniently.

- Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold.

- Rechargeable design with a USB cable, easy to charge, and durable to use.

- Anti-reflux design can prevent the snot from flowing back into the nose

- Requires no extra batteries, just charge it with the USB (USB included in the package).

Product Specifications:

Color: Green, yellow, pink
Nozzle material: Silicone
Suitable age: 0-6 years old
Weight: 330g (with the package), 200g (No package)
Size: 23*16*5.5cm
Motor voltage: 3V
Maximum vacuum suction: 3500 mmHg (65kPa)

The body should not be washed, do not put the body in the water to clean.

Instructions for use:
1. Before use, soak the nozzle in hot salt water for 10 minutes, then disinfect.
2. Install the nasal aspirator and turn the switch on to activate.
3. If the nasal cavity is dry, spray it into the nostrils with saline or nasal spray. The nasal spray should be exposed to the nasal cavity for 4 to 5 minutes. 

Package Includes:
1 x baby nasal suction device.
2 x suction nozzles.
1 x USB cable.