Kaspersky Total Security 2021 | 2 Device | 1 Year | PC/Mac/Android | Online Code

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Kaspersky Total Security 2021 | 1 Device | 1 Year | PC/Mac/Android | Online Code

  • Kaspersky Total Security includes antivirus and firewall to protect your devices from viruses, attacks, and malware
  • Your code will be delivered by email (1-24 hrs of order) with detailed instructions for installing the product The manufacturer does not produce any CD/DVD/Flash drive for this product
  • Helps you protect your PC, Mac, and Android phones and tablets
  • Protects families against viruses, attacks, fraud, spyware, cybercrime, and more
  • Protects your privacy - by blocking phishing, spying, and online behavior tracking
  • Automatically adds extra security when your family's online shopping or banking
  • Includes Kaspersky Safe Kids - to protect kids on PC, Mac, and mobile devices
  • Password Manager securely stores website & account passwords - for easy access from all devices. Safeguards precious photos, music & memories - with backup copies & encryption
  • On installation, you will automatically be given the upgraded version of your Kaspersky product regardless of what it says on the packaging