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Outdoor Or Indoor Golf Training Foldable Target Net 🏌️‍♀️ 

If you believe in the phrase "practice makes perfect", you'll fall in love with our exclusive golf net. Designed for avid golfers, this golf practice net makes it easy to improve accuracy and flexibility when it comes to golfing.

Equipped with a target marker in the middle, the golf hitting net is covered from all sides and prevents the ball from flying off. Plus, the polyester net can easily stop the ball regardless of how fast it's travelling.


Best part of all, this golf net practice is extremely easy to setup. Simply unzip the X, push it down until the net is fully extended, and practice away! Quick and easy.


Product Features :

EASY TO SETUP - There is no type of external tools required to use the X. It's as simple as unzipping the X, pushing it outwards, and setting it up on the ground. Once extended, the supporting beams automatically stabilize the X from all sides.

BUILT TO LAST - Simply put, this golf practice net was built to last. The net itself has been intrinsically designed to handle impact at high speeds. Practice to your heart's content with our golf hitting the net. 

PORTABLE - Due to the lightweight design, this golf net for practice is fully portable and can be fixed or unfixed within minutes. Practice indoors or prop it up outside with ease.

Product Specifications :

Material: ABS
Color: Black, Gree
Foldable or not: Yes
Size: 7x7x17cm


1x Golf Practice Hitting Net