Mosquito Lamp

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USB Mosquito Killer Lamp with Ultraviolet Lights To Kill Mosquitoes¬†ūü¶ü Instantly!

Are you being bothered by the annoying mosquito while you are trying to fall asleep at night? Or don't want to wake up only to find that those are some red spots on your skin. Still Being driven crazy by the mosquito, fly, and other insects? It's time to get yourself a mosquito killer!

This is a mosquito killer with beautiful and modern cover. It uses curved design to enhance the ultraviolet rays and LED lights to entice the mosquito which all contribute to better killing effects. It also operates quietly at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sweet sleep.

PRACTICAL AND FUNCTIONAL! Mosquitoes are attracted by ultraviolet rays and carbon dioxide. It does the job of catching and killing mosquitoes, whether indoors or outdoors!  

EASY TO USE! Ultraviolet insect killer attracts and captures insects through a tripartite system: heat, ultraviolet rays, produced from bulbs installed inside, and carbon dioxide, produced when mosquitoes are irradiated to the TiO2 coating.

EFFECTIVE CONTROL! 6 UV lamps emit 368nm of wavelength. This wavelength has a fatal attraction to insects. The insects are attracted to the light source, and then they will be trapped in the mosquito tray under a strong cyclone, which will kill the insects.

ANYWHERE AND ANY TIME! Powered by USB, the Ultraviolet Insect Killer is portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor. For you to take on trips and camping trips. Covering 60m square, It has an instant operation, continuous and uninterrupted service. Enjoy an insect-free environment and say goodbye to the bites! You can use it to kill insects or as lighting.

EASY TO CLEAN! The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insects. Simply remove the tray for cleaning and discard.

Main Benefits:

- Ultra Safe: It does not emit radiation, it is non-toxic and free of chemicals. Safe for human health and the environment. Suitable for pregnant women and babies.
- Effective control of insects.
- USB connection.
- Portable.
- Easy to clean.
- With its modern USB connector, Power LED is compatible with any USB device such as computers, laptops, mobile power stores, power strips, and USB adapters.
- Easy to clean: Power LED can be washed completely, say goodbye to unhygienic devices that can never be cleaned properly.
- The power LED comes with a designer that provides the ideal cleaning.

Product Specifications:

Input voltage: DC 5 V.
Power: 5 W.
LED number: 6
USB cable length: 3.6 feet / 1.1 meters
Using range: 20 ~ 40 square meters