Mosquito Repellant Watch

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Mosquitoes are everywhere , indoors, outdoors, in the countryside, in the woods ...

In addition to itchy bites, they are carriers of many diseases.

To avoid getting coated or spraying chemicals - which do not work for a long time  and which are many potentially dangerous for health - MosquitoBlock brings you the definitive and radical solution to do away with mosquitoes. 

# 1 custom ultrasound to repel mosquitoes

MosquitoBlock is presented as an adjustable wristwatch for everyone. It emits ultrasound without any danger to humans , which mosquitoes hate and which make them flee. 

MosquitoBlock offers three intensities of ultrasound: 

  1. For the interior.
  2. For the exterior.
  3. In silent mode when you sleep.

Mosquito repellent ultrasound  is extremely discreet , you can't hear it. However, if you are particularly sensitive to it , you can use the third mode - silent - to prevent them from disturbing your sleep.

Best mosquito repellent

# 2 Don't take a risk for your health

Mosquito bites cause pimples, irritation, sometimes allergies.

In addition, with the increase in mobility, we are now faced, even in Europe, with viruses from the other side of the world with the tiger mosquito, chikungunya, malaria ...

Whether at home, in the city, in the country, in Europe, or anywhere in the world, MosquitoBlock protects you from all these inconveniences which can even become dangers.

Electric mosquito repellent

# 3 Elegant and robust design

MosquitoBlock is  sober and design. You have the choice between the black version  or the white version.

Robust design , MosquitoBlock is waterproof , you do not fear nor rain , nor humidity.

It recharges via USB port and you have 130 hours of battery , more than 5 days without having to recharge it! This is ideal if you are going hiking.

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