Team viewer V.13,14,15 unlimited Trial period reset tool - Windows- Fast Download

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Team Viewer reset trial period tool 100% Legal

For for Windows

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It is a lightweight tool whose primary purpose is to reset the ID of TeamViewer software. There are  3 ID reset options:

1.Trial mode (after seven days trial license with full features will expire)
After the trial period the user will need to renew the trial license - reset AlterID, restart TeamViewer to register with the new ID trial license;

2.Free mode (application has the basic features and includes advertisements)
Reset ID, restart TeamViewer, register new ID with the free license;

3.Wipe mode - Returns to the original ID received when starting TeamViewer for the first time

How to use the reset tool?

1-Put the software inside team-viewer Directory application Usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer
2-Open the software As Administrator and press reset, it takes 5 Seconds.
As simple as that :)